Ford Escort MK1 Gr2



Ford Escort MK1 Gr2 A superb Ford Escort MK1 Gr2, magnificently prepared by an engine builder (Willy Jullien, WS) and an assembler (Michel Calzarossa) both renowned for their professionalism and the quality of their work. It was restored and prepared in 2019 and 2020. It has a valid national PTH (Historical Technical Passport). The body has been stripped bare, it is super healthy, the mechanics are like new. Its Pinto 2.0 engine develops a power of 185 hp, pistons and connecting rods in forged steel, stage 3 cylinder head, new crankshaft etc… T9 gearbox close ratio gearing, short axle (165 km/h in 5th). Direct steering, electrically assisted, silver electrical harness, Bilstein shock absorbers modified by Stac. New, approved bucket seats are delivered with the car, identical to those fitted in this Ford Escort, but whose approval date has expired since December 2022. This car only participated in one rally, the Tour de Corse Historic. It is ready to go without further expense upon purchase. Some rims and tires are available with the car. Do you know the cost of excellent competition car preparation? then you know that the asking price here is lower…

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