FERRARI 308 GTB engine 400 CV

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Ferrari 308 GTB engine: 400 HP competition engine, type F.106-A 00298,

It has turned very little and is in excellent condition. (prepared in 1995 at GIPIMO Automobiles in Brussels)

3.2 displacement, 4 valves per cylinder, with programmable injection and digital ignition

It is equipped with connecting rods, special camshafts, high compression lightened pistons, a lightened crankshaft.

Power: 400 hp at 8000 rpm, 354 Nm

This engine is sold with its specific electronic ignition; without gearbox.

This Ferrari 308 GTB 400 CV engine comes from the only Ferrari 308 GTB studied by the Ferrari factory and not Michelotto. This car was intended to participate in the 24 hours of Le Mans, which could not be done due to a change in regulations. Today this car has regained its original configuration but a less powerful engine.

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